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Frequently asked questions

What happens in a first session?

During the first session Celeste will ask questions and support you in talking about what has brought you to therapy.  She will offer some feedback about how she might be able to be helpful.  You can ask any questions and offer feedback at any time.  There is no pressure to answer questions that you prefer not to and Celeste is happy to work at a pace that feels right for you. After all, building trust can take time!



Do you offer telehealth?

Yes.  If you are unable to attend the clinic for an in-person session, appointments can be offered via video or telephone.  If you have a Mental Health Care Plan, the same Medicare rebate is applicable for telehealth sessions.



How many sessions will I need?

The number of sessions or duration of therapy will depend on your individual needs and goals.  It is important that we regularly review how therapy is progressing and discuss the plan for further sessions based on your individual circumstances.



How often should I attend therapy?

It is helpful to attend therapy weekly, at least initially, in order to gain some momentum working towards your goals.  Depending on individual circumstances, sessions may be fortnightly or even become monthly “booster” sessions once your goals have been achieved.



How is my information stored and protected?

All patient records are recorded on Halaxy (to learn more about how Halaxy secures your records please go to:

Any hardcopies of referrals or other private information is recorded electronically on Halaxy and then destroyed with micro-cut shredding.